BMC Agent

BMC Agent.


Why just shop? Why not shop an earn money?


Invest in your future and join the BMC Agents initiative, secure your future and that of your family, shop at a discount and also earn real cash whilst doing it.


At Buy Me Cheap, we believe in empowering people, we want to change the world one person at a time, this is by employing the Win-Win philosophy.



What does it mean?


Our aim is simple….


We believe in sharing wealth, we believe in giving back to our customers, we believe in opening doors to financial freedom to everyone who is interested and capable.




How does this work?


You simply make a minimum purchase and you will automatically qualify for a 20% discount on all future purchases.


Crank this up a notch by introducing people to the scheme and you get paid 5% of the profit margin when they make a purchase, and this uncapped.

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