Blue LED Touch Screen Wrist Watch – Time, Date, White Strap


Blue LED Touch Screen Wrist Watch – Time, Date, White Strap


  • LED Watch
  • Time and Date
  • Battery Pre-Installed

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NGN 8,073

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Blue LED Touch Screen Wrist Watch that can inform you of the time and date as well as a white strap making this a cool and fashionable gadget to wear around your wrist.

This LED wrist watch features a modern 3D perspective face with blue LEDs, providing you a flashy way to check the date and time using a touch screen fashion. With a built-in battery, this watch is estimated to last as long as 2 years. With a simple 250mm rubber white strap with 14 holes, this watch can fit majority of the people with little issue. You adjust the date and the time via the 1 point touch screen just by simply touching the right areas. A really cool feature is that the watch can be detachable from the strap and you can insert an iPod nano 6 into the strap, therefore you can carry your iPod nano 6 around your wrist.

An ideal product who wants something a bit different from the norm or as well it could make an excellent gift for any high tech geeky friends or relatives that you may have.


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